Showtime! Inside the Royal Room at The Colony Hotel


If you’re in the mood for dinner and a show or an evening at a first-rate hotel, there is an array of options in the town of Palm Beach. But there’s only one place where you can enjoy fine dining, exquisite accommodations and world-class cabaret all under the same roof.

That place is The Colony Hotel.

The Colony Hotel’s Royal Room has been hailed as one of the best spots on the planet for cabaret, a distinction it’s held for 14 years. The Royal Room continues to broaden its stellar reputation for entertainment with an uncanny ability to coax the very best headliners from Broadway and top nightspots in Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Manhattan.

Coming into vogue in the late 1800s, cabaret combines music with a theatrical twist. More…

Written by the Sun: Lilly Pulitzer Releases the Spring 2014 Collection


The late Lilly Pulitzer, who died at 81 in April of last year, represented the very essence of Palm Beach – sunlight, sweet-smelling flowers, tropical ocean breezes and bare feet. A suntanned, exotic beauty, she was dedicated to the outdoors, a love of animals, healthy living and being a strong, independent businesswoman.

In the early 1960s, Lilly began a fashion kingdom that revolutionized the fashion world with her colorful designs in bright print dresses, which she said were made to cover up the constant juice stains on the clothes she wore while manning her popular fruit-juice stand in Palm Beach.

People like Jackie Kennedy along with various socialites began to fall in love with and purchase the shift dresses in Lilly colors of bright yellow, lime green, hot pink, teal and flaming Chinese red. More…

Delightful Destinations


Imagine yourself on a luxury train whipping by the picturesque hills of the Scotland countryside. Not your cup of tea? How about heading out to lunch on a sunny day in downtown Naples?

PBG Lifestyle has assembled a list of decadent vacations that spoil you either right here in our backyard or immersed in a completely different culture. Take a look at some of these dreamy, delightful destinations.

The Colony Palm Beach | 155 Hammon Ave., Palm Beach
(561) 655-5430

Step into The Colony Hotel and you’ll be transported back to old Palm Beach.

“We have 90 rooms that definitely have the feel of old Palm Beach with all the contemporary services of the new Palm Beach,” said Marta Weinstein, the hotel’s director of sales and marketing. “Our guest rooms take you back in time.” More…

Travel Bulgaria: Birthplace of Spartacus


Long before Bulgaria received its name, this land area bordering the Black Sea between Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece was known as Thrace. Its people were the Thracians and they started recording history around 3500 BC. The artwork – especially that which was produced in gold – is considered by archeologists to be the oldest in the world, dating back some 6,500 years.

Not only does Bulgaria have some of the oldest pieces of gold artwork, it also ranks third in the world for the number of cultural sites after Greece and Italy. Bulgaria is said to have fostered the world’s first writing system. This claim is based on the engraved stones known as the Gradeshnitsa tablets based on the location where they are kept. Gradeshnitsa Monastery, also known as St. Ioan, is located in the northwest corner of the country. These tablets were found in 1969 and are examples of late Neolithic proto-writing known as “Old European Script.” The tablets were dated to around 500 BC. Stephen Guide, a Bulgarian-American of the Institute of Transcendental Analysis, claimed that he had deciphered the tablets. However, I along with many others haven’t heard or read the transcript. More…

Dr. Civin - Palm Beach Gardens Cosmetic Dentist

A controversial issue that has long divided the American public and will likely continue to do so on the national front has deeply rooted advocacy and a firm voice on the local level. The Palm Beach Section of the National Council Of Jewish Women (NCJW) has taken a stand against the owners of Hobby Lobby, the chain of arts and crafts stores and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation, a cabinet manufacturer, and urged the US Supreme Court to reject the idea that corporations have the power to assert their religious beliefs to justify denying their employees health insurance that includes preventive health care, including contraception.

On March 25, religious leaders spoke at an interfaith rally for family planning and religious freedom, sponsored by NCJW in Washington, DC., to support women’s access to birth control and real religious liberty as the Supreme Court heard arguments from both sides on the issue of whether a for-profit company must provide full contraception coverage for employees. The National Council of Jewish Women is a grassroots organization of volunteers and advocates who turn progressive ideas into action and strive for social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children and families and by safeguarding their freedoms. More…

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With SunFest just around the corner, the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority (DDA) will once again be offering a complimentary bicycle valet service for visitors to the popular festival taking place Wednesday, April 30 to Sunday, May 4. This initiative strives to transform the city and get people to think about how to get around downtown all year round and reduce their carbon footprint, especially for events like SunFest that draw a lot of traffic. It encourages people to ride their bikes and get some exercise. The added bonus is that it’s free!

“Since launching this environmentally friendly program eightyears ago, more than 3,500 residents and visitors have taken advantage of this innovative gas-saving program that lets patrons pull right up to the gates, instead of looking for – and paying for – a parking space,” said Raphael Clemente, executive director of the DDA. “As SunFest continues to grow in its popularity, the program helps decongest automobile traffic and parking Downtown for all of its new and longtime fans.”


The valet will open 30 minutes before SunFest each day and will close 30 minutes after it ends. In addition to alleviating concerns over finding parking (or remembering where you left your vehicle), the valet also offers the closest parking to all the action – just steps from the event gates! If that’s not music to your ears, there’s more. Tip the valet bike drivers, and those tips will be donated to The Lord’s Place, a nonprofit, non-sectarian, 501(c)3 organization that has been changing the lives of homeless families and individuals in Palm Beach County for more than three decades.


Hours of operation for valet during SunFest are:

·        Wednesday and Thursday – 4:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

·        Friday – 4:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

·        Saturday – 11:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

·        Sunday – 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.


To spread even more sunshine, now through April 26, DDA is offering concertgoers a savings of up to $15 on gate price for group tickets. Tickets can be purchased online at by entering the promo code “downtowndda” (all one word) or by visiting the DDA office Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. at 301 Clematis St, Suite 200. Office purchases must be made by Friday, April 25. For more information about the SunFest bicycle valet service or Downtown West Palm Beach, including transportation options, please contact the DDA at (561) 833-8873 or visit


Now don’t forget to tip your bike valets. They’re there all week!


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What’s better than a lilting Irish brogue on a cool South Florida morning resonating across green vistas? On March 30, the mellifluous, honeyed tones were a call to arms for supporters of Quantum House to fire up their golf-cart engines and take their positions at the starting gate. Ken Wade has a way with words and people.

Wade chaired the 16th annual Paddy Mac’s Shamrock Classic golf tournament at PGA National’s Estates Course in West Palm Beach. One hundred and thirty golfers mounted up to raise money for arguably the most important and compassionate house in Florida: Quantum House.

“We gave Quantum House $75,000 from last year’s tournament and they are an open book,” Wade said. “The money we donate is only for the kids and their families. Quantum House wastes no money and this year I expect we’ll be giving more.” More…

Fashion designer, media icon and entrepreneur Paris Hilton was recognized for her ongoing and gregarious charitable work at a sold-out gala luncheon – hosted by Lois Pope and the American Humane Association – at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach on March 25.

The National Humanitarian Luncheon is part of the “Be Humane” series sponsored by Pope and the AHA and features internationally known speakers on topics that affect the nation’s children and animals. The event featured a performance by Clint Holmes with musical director Jeffrey Neiman. Proceeds from the event supported the Lois Pope Red Star Rescue team as well as educational initiatives designed to nurture humane communities.

“…The American Humane Association know[s] a fundamental truth about her that truly defines who she is, that she is someone who cares deeply about people and animals, and that she has used her success in so many diverse fields to help those in need,” Pope said. “Paris just doesn’t talk the talk; she walks the walk, working tirelessly to give animals and all of us a better life.”  More…

What better way to celebrate the commencement of spring than to fill the month of April with amazing art. The historic Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens is giving you a rare opportunity. This foundation, established in 1977 by Ann Weaver Norton, displays rare palm and sculpture gardens along with rare art.

An upcoming event will allow you to view works by the famous Chilean surrealist Roberto Matta and mosaic artist Vanessa Somers Vreeland.

Running from April 16 to May 18, this event will let guests see 10 works from pioneer Roberto Matta during the 1950s, followed by a tour to the Gardens’ Artist Studio to view the second exhibition Asaroton 2000-2013 by Vanessa Somers Vreeland. More…