Aquatic Endeavors: Explore Our Local Waters and Beyond


Surf, sand and sun bring throngs of migratory tourists to our Florida shores, where air and water temperatures harmonize a ballad of adventure and relaxation. For those of us residing in this subtropical clime, it’s our time of year too – time to become a tourist in your town and beyond. Luca Brasi may sleep with the fishes, but you could lay claim to swimming with pigs. Above and below our waters, fun awaits you.

Aqua Safari Adventures | | (561) 734-8816

Aqua Safari Adventures specializes in scuba-diving certification and dive vacations. More…

A Bridge Between Worlds: Jewish Federation’s Longtime Partnership Links Local Jewish Community with Extended Global Family


It may be difficult to imagine that a country as small as Israel has a periphery – not solely a geographic one, but an economic and social one as well.

Twenty years ago, the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County was presented with an opportunity to partner with a region of Israel located in the Upper Galilee, far from the socially and commercially vibrant cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Three diverse communities, which heretofore had not shared each other’s strengths, opportunities and challenges, ultimately became a model for unity, collaboration and learning. More…

On Stage: Florida School for Dance Education – Taking Steps to Create Bright Futures


The love of dance – of graceful, lithe figures in beautiful costumes leaping and gliding across the stage with fluid precision and flowing, lyrical patterns – has been fascinating audiences for centuries. From ballerinas and Broadway spectacles to splashy music videos and televised celebrity-based competitions, its popularity shows no sign of stopping.

And to those who regard dance as more than entertainment, but rather as a performance art, you will find yourself in good company at the Florida School for Dance Education in Palm Beach Gardens, which opened its doors in August 2011. More…

On Stage: Revived, Renovated and Ready – The Lyric Theatre Shines Even Brighter in 2015


One of downtown Stuart’s finest gems is sparkling even more, thanks to a multimillion-dollar facelift that began in the summer of 2014. Simple yet elegant, the best part is that The Lyric managed to maintain its intimacy, one of the most endearing aspects of the 500-seat theater.

The improvements were both cosmetic and structural, and as with many renovation projects, the workers encountered a few surprises in the nearly 90-year-old building.

“We uncovered an enormous amount of structural work that needed to be done, which increased our building cost by about half a million dollars,” said John Loesser, who has been the theater’s executive director since 1999. “So that’s why we’re still raising money and still need all the help we can get. More…

Dr. Civin - Palm Beach Gardens Cosmetic Dentist

Everybody is (or has) a life story or one that is waiting to happen. As events unfold, some are more intriguing than others. While many life stories are interesting in some ways, most are not interesting enough to warrant writing a 100,000-word biography that the rest of the world will want to read. They won’t. But try telling that to a narcissist. If you could get a word in edgewise, you’d have to explain that there’s just not enough meat to go with their potatoes. Which is why we have places like Twitter.

I’ve been put in the unenviable position (more than once) of having to inform someone that his or her life did not merit more than a one-page biography no matter how much they were willing to talk about (or not pay me to write about) it. We all want to feel as if our lives matter in the bigger scheme of things. Unfortunately, they don’t. Until they end up in the obituary section. And the word count regarding your accomplishments significantly drops if you leave behind a lot of relatives. More…

For Melanee Blankstein, music is more than listening to today’s top hits by artists like Taylor Swift and Maroon 5. To her, it’s a lifestyle and a way to remember her mother after she unexpectedly passed.

“She loved kids and music, and we wanted to honor her in a fun way,” Blankstein said. “In the midst of something awful, make something good from it.”

And thus the Young Singers Mary Murray Scholarship 5K Walk/Run was born. Blankstein, who serves as the managing director of the Young Singers of the Palm Beaches, said a 5K was a great way to raise money because it’s an activity that all family members can participate in, and it gives families a healthy start to a fun day. More…

michelle-251aIt’s dark, it’s rich, it’s decadent, and it could at last be enjoyed guilt free – in the name of science – at the 10th annual Science of Chocolate at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium in early February.

“This event is a celebration of everyone’s favorite treat, chocolate, and the science behind how it’s made, the health benefits and more fun facts to sink your teeth into,” said Belen Woods, the museum’s director of marketing.

More than 870 chocoholics got to know their favorite guilty pleasure a little better as they not filled their bellies with chocolate, but also filled their heads with knowledge. More…

hollie-390This year’s Florida Yorkie Rescue Fundraiser was first in show! With live music, a raffle and one-of-a-kind entertainment, this evening was surely a T-R-E-A-T. (Shh…don’t say it out loud, they’ll start begging.)

Held at the Garden City Café in Palm Beach Gardens, this event set the tone for the month of love by appealing to many of our senses. A delicious hot buffet appeased the taste buds, while the signature Yorkie-Tini drinks sponsored by Perfect Vodka were doggone delicious. The live music lingered through your ears, implanting a pleasant, permanent tune inside your head. You couldn’t help but tap your foot and sway your shoulders. An adorable Yorkie kissing booth (“Kiss a Yorkie, Save a Life”) was set up that allowed you to really show some lovin’ to your favorite furry pal. NASCAR race driver Geoff Bodine even surprised attendees with a celebrity appearance. More…

When a Miami Dolphins cheerleader meets a Florida State Senator, guess what happens? Love at first sight? Actually, not so much. And so it was with Lynn Lewis (at least for her) and Dave Aronberg. For those of you who abjure politics and football, Lewis was the pompom-professional-turned-public-relations-specialist and Aronberg was the former state senator, Florida’s pill mill-busting drug czar and current Palm Beach County State Attorney. Their engagement to be married has been publicized, though not the romantic backstory and the time he spent relegated to the practice squad. PBG Lifestyle has the recap of Aronberg’s march downfield and his final score. The date and location of the nuptials are have been sealed by the court and I wouldn’t risk being pancaked by a linebacker or spending a night in the hoosegow for contempt; NFL cheerleaders have very large friends and her fiancé has a robust crew of enforcers at his disposal as well.

“We met in 2006. I was in a serious relationship and he was too short,” Lewis said on the sidelines of the 2015 Hope Bash at PGA National Resort & Spa. The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders were at a charity soiree in Boca Raton and Aronberg, the heretofore-avowed bachelor, was doing what politicians do: working the room. “Short guys try harder,” Aronberg interjected. Lewis, stunningly attired in a white one-shouldered dress, in concert with the Angels of Hope-themed evening, explained that family matters compelled her to return to her hometown of Tampa. She returned in 2013.

“I remember the date in 2013. It was June 29. I found her on Facebook and reached out,’’ Aronberg explained. “I moved back and found the love of my life,” said the future first lady of Palm Beach County law enforcement. “He swept me off my feet. He’s everything I’ve dreamed of in a man.”

Where and when did our distinguished State Attorney take a knee? “I proposed on the second level of the Eiffel Tower at 11 p.m. Dec. 30,” Aronberg said. OK, we knew that part, but it’s worth repeating. Everyone likes an instant replay of a happy ending.

So what about children? “Well for now, Lynn is Cookie’s mom,” said the amiable prosecutor, referring to his beloved pooch.


Bon chance, you two!