Pantopia: Falcon’s Fury & Traveler’s Tales Transform Busch Gardens® Tampa


A new thrill ride has risen at Busch Gardens Tampa, forever changing the look of the theme park’s wavy skyline.

Falcon’s Fury towers 335 feet above its home in Pantopia, a fantasy land of tales, travelers and treasures that has taken over the site of Timbuktu. Compellingly conspicuous from all corners of the park, as well as across Tampa Bay, the freestanding drop tower stands taller than any other in North America.

“We calculated that it’s visible from 22 miles away,” said Jeff Hornick, head engineer and ride spokesman. “It’s a totem.”

Hornick and his team set out to make Falcon’s Fury the tallest ride of its kind when planning began in May of 2011. He joked that they wanted the tower to exceed the height of all the park’s other rides stacked on top of one another. More…

Making More Magic: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Introduces New Attractions


A world found only in the pages of books or on the silver screen will be arriving this summer at Universal Orlando.

The already popular attraction The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will expand into Universal Studios, inviting visitors to shop in the colorful stores of Diagon Alley, enjoy fish and chips at the wizarding pub and inn, The Leaky Cauldron, and take their own hair-raising journey through Gringotts Bank.

“The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley is probably the most amazing, immersive environment that I think Universal Orlando has ever created,” said Dale Mason, vice president of Universal Creative and executive art director of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The new section will open sometime this summer; Universal officials are still unable to specify on its exact opening date.

The journey into bringing the world of Harry Potter to life began in 2010 in Universal’s Islands of Adventure park, with the opening of the Hogwarts castle and its neighboring village, Hogsmeade. More…

A (Rum) Barrel of Fun


There’s a special place in Ft. Lauderdale where you can enjoy a unique dining and entertainment experience that turns the “dinner and a show” concept completely on its head. It’s called the Mai-Kai.

Perhaps the last of the grand Polynesian palaces still operating when Tiki culture peaked in the late ‘50s and ‘60s, today Mai-Kai Restaurant has become quite the spectacle. The lush tropical gardens, eight dining rooms, a bar that rivals the best in the world, and a stage in the center for the Polynesian floor show are just some of the immediate reasons that the Mai-Kai has become a must for South Floridians and tourists alike.

The restaurant is a bit of kitschy fun steeped in tradition and history, and is authentic from the thatched roof to the canoe suspended from the ceiling of the Mo’orea dining room. When the restaurant opened, it had just four rooms and could only seat around 200 people; today it seats 600, and, in season, not a seat in the house is empty. More…

Fun-Filled Florida Amusement Parks


Summer is an ideal time for family togetherness and vacations that should be chocked full of adventure, leisure, new experiences and over-the-top-fun for every member of the family.

For your summer we recommend outings right here in our sunny state. Pick any or all of these five sensational Florida amusement parks and you’re guaranteed to have a stupendous summer!

LEGOLAND® Florida       DUPLO® Valley now open to the public
One LEGOLAND Way (Winter Haven) | (877) 350-5346

LEGOLAND Florida is a 150-acre interactive theme park dedicated to pure family fun.

Opened in October 2011, today LEGOLAND® Florida boasts more than 50 rides, shows and attractions plus an all-new water park made for kids ages 2-12 and their families. Some of its more notable sections include LEGO® Kingdoms, LEGO® City, the Imagination Zone and the World of Chima. Visitors will also enjoy various dining and shopping opportunities More…

Dr. Civin - Palm Beach Gardens Cosmetic Dentist

Even though Father’s Day may have passed for the year, that doesn’t mean dads should be forgotten.

Daddy’s Favorite Beach Kit by Daddy & Company provides all dads with a hassle-free way of ensuring fun at the beach and all summer long. Launched this summer, Daddy’s Favorite Beach Kit is a drawstring backpack filled with all the beach-going essentials for dads and their kids. Inside the backpack you’ll find a beach towel, sunglasses, beach ball, Frisbee and a drink koozie.

Robert Nickell, the founder of Daddy & Company and father of seven kids, said in an email that this product carries these items because they’re ones dads will actually use. Whether they’re stay-at-home or work during the week, Dads can still be part of the summertime fun – and look good, even when collecting seashells with their kids. More…

Everyone loves fun in the sun, and living in South Florida, there’s more than a little sunshine to go around. Sometimes the searing sun can be a bit much, especially for our most vulnerable citizens, our babies.

Meet the Cozy Sun & Bug Infant Carrier Cover, a unique product that’s easy to use with an elasticized edge that slips onto all infant carriers and fits all standard car seats.

Its primary function is to protect your baby, and is designed with a weather-proof microfiber shell that creates a spacious self-supporting well ventilated enclosure for baby. It’s great for keeping babies out of the glaring sun, away from the elements, pesky insects and even the two-legged bugs – you know, those people who love to reach out and touch baby’s hands and faces with their germiness! It’s a cocoon of cleanliness. More…

“I have the audacity to believe that people everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for the minds and dignity, equality and freedom for their spirits.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This powerful quote remains a goal that is a work in progress. Natural disasters and inequalities still negatively impact the world. Luckily, organizations and kind souls still exist to help make Dr. King’s belief possible.

With the unfortunate events that have wreaked havoc on Haiti within the past few years, we are grateful to have Food For The Poor and Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs at their side. Thanks to Taiwan’s donation, 2,400 metric tons of rice are en route to Haiti to be received and distributed to Food For The Poor’s feeding center in Port-au-Prince.

For six days a week, hungry families are fed and lives are saved. The center serves approximately 15,000 meals a day and also ensures schools and other organizations throughout Haiti are provided with food to distribute when needed. More…

The lyrics say, “Summertime, and the living is easy,” but if you’re a work-at-home mommy home with her kids for the summer, trust me, it’s anything but easy.

Couple that with their boredom, your frustration and their infuriating expressions. Add to it their manipulation, demands on your time and you have something that could boil over into a nice little episode of Snapped.

One thing that people who work from home all have in common is the understanding that people, especially your friends and relatives, don’t believe that you’re actually working – not even my kids, who actually bear witness to me in front of my laptop typing furiously or talking to people on the phone. More…

The heat is the only thing people should be sweating about right now. However, with children going off to college and rainy-day funds being diminished by car repairs, house repairs (hopefully not on rainy days, that would be ironic) and those sporadic emergencies, families might be struggling with ways to get out of debt.

Other than winning the lottery or growing a money tree (when you find one, let me know), there are very few ways to get out of debt quickly, but these three tips might help you start surmounting that never-ending pile of bills.

  1. If you have multiple loans, start paying more on the one with the higher APR. Even though there may be a smaller amount of debt on your credit card, if half your payment is going to interest, your loan amount won’t change quickly. Start focusing your energy on this one first, so that once it’s paid off, you can pay off a loan with less interest twice as fast. More…