If Not Now, When?


There is so much more to both life and the world than that which we can see from our back doorstep. Besides the traditional landmarks that are most certainly worth visiting there are the hidden treasures of each country that many never step ‘off the beaten track’ to find and travel agents can’t or won’t tell you about. I dare to step off, and every time I have my life has become enriched by the experience. You can experience all of those hidden gems too by reading about my adventures.

I love meeting new people and making friends. During my travels I have met some of the most wonderful people and become friends despite language barriers and cultural differences. I strongly believe it is the differences in people that make life so exciting and full of wonder. A person needs to be open to embracing the things that make us different whether we are from similar or different backgrounds, and take the opportunities to learn from each other when they arise.

Next Adventure Begins In


I have always had a passion for writing, and began writing short stories as young as 10 years old. Throughout High School I developed a deep-seated need to learn as much as I could about other countries, which led to what has now become my life’s goal – to visit every country in the world before my life is over. Being able to combine my love of travel with my passion for the written word has been a dream come true – a dream I get to share with you, my friends, my readers, my loyal followers, my fellow travelers. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and come on an adventure with me!